Thankful Thursday + Restaurant Review (Hearth)

HI FRIENDS! Happy Thursday, we’re almost there!!  I’ve seen a lot of posts come up this November about giving thanks, so I thought I would join in for Thankful Thursdays, hosted by my friend Amanda over at Diary of a Semi-Health Nut. While each week I try to be thankful for the steady sources of goodness in my life (family, health, shelter), I have been trying to give thanks for the unique things in my life and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you!  I also have a restaurant review for you, so buckle up and get ready!

First up, here are a few things I’m thankful for this week.

I’m thankful…

for having smart, amazing friends here in Madtown who remind me that if I don’t make a little room in my schedule for fun, I’ll go insane.  I filled in for an absent member at trivia crew on Monday night and WE WON. Highlight of mah week.


If only the packers could have done the same (sigh)…

…for statisticians.  SERIOUSLY, your grad school experience is only as good as your statistician or stats teacher.  I swear by this statement.  My statistician saved the day for me this week after I spent at least 10 hours staring at my data on Monday and coming to one conclusion:


…for the 5 o’clock workout on Z-104 radio here in Madison. I have been listening to the radio through my ipod while working out after work lately and station 104.1 here in Madtown has been KILLIN’ it with their playlist between 4:30ish and 6ish. There are limited commercials because it is rush hour and they play tons of throwbacks (for example, today my run started off with Push It by Salt n Pepa).


…for tried and true friends who know everything about you, yet love you anyway. Last weekend I headed to Iowa for the Hawkeye/Badger football game.  I was lucky enough to enjoy dinner Friday night at Hearth in Iowa City with two of my favorite people in the world or my “lifelines” as I call them, Joy and Abhay.  The three of us are like a little family and they mean so much to me.


Abhay and I then ventured out for the game Saturday, in which the Badgers were victorious!


And that’s it for this week’s thankful Thursday!  Decided to keep it lighthearted this week. :)

Anyway, so about that dinner I shared with Joy and Abhay at Hearth last Friday…

I got into Iowa City about 7:30 and was STARVING, with my only request being we eat somewhere I had never been.  Abhay suggested Hearth, a newer restaurant which is part of a group of restaurants called One Twenty Six.  We hustled over and snagged the last table.  It’s a smaller, cozier environment which I love, but I was glad we got there when we did.  Since beer + Friday nights are meant to be lovers, I started with a Belgian (Wooster or Rooster maybe?!) –it was excellent, and just what I needed.


We split an appetizer of garlic flatbread and Mediterranean goat cheese spread.  It was delicious! I could seriously eat goat cheese on just about anything


For the main course, Joy got the prosciutto salad (which I was totally eyeing on the menu) and Abhay got the artichoke salad.  Both of them had good things to say and they were decently priced ($8)

IMG_6642 IMG_6643

I had a hard time deciding until I saw one particular flatbread on the menu with bacon + caramelized onions.  In my world, I can’t turn down either so I ended up ordering that.  The flavors of bacon + the caramelized onion were OUT OF THIS WORLD.   It was the perfect portion and I was completely satisfied!IMG_6646

It had been a long week, so dessert was also in order.  We decided upon the flourless chocolate torte with raspberry drizzle.  We devoured it within about three minutes, so needless to say we approved.


Overall, I would definitely eat at Hearth again!  My only complaint would be that we had to wait a long, long time for our main courses to arrive after our appetizer.  It wasn’t that big of deal because we spent the time catching up and having a jolly ol’ time, but I would just recommend if you go there during their busier hours, you go with people you can talk with for awhile. :)
Hearth on Urbanspoon

Now tell me…

What are you thankful for this week? 

5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday + Restaurant Review (Hearth)

  1. Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon

    Uh, YUM to that flatbread! Caramelized onions win over most food combinations, and I feel like restaurants always do it right because they have the patience to have the pan on for 1 hour while they are busy doing other things in the kitchen. I on the other hand can’t wait more than 20 minutes stirring the dang thing!

    I also love this post idea and now am getting ideas about how to put together a Thanksgiving post- I feel weird about the background of the holiday (I work with the American Indian population), but I think how it has evolved into family and togetherness is really wonderful!
    Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon recently posted…What I Ate: VietnamMy Profile

    1. Emily @ More Than Just Dessert Post author

      YES for getting together. Im not sure if I’ll get an xmas break but I def want to see you soon. I’ll email you! xoxo


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