The best ice cream in the Cedar Valley: 4 Queens

Mmmmmkay, we’re in for some Iowa lovin’ today.   This post is long overdue, but I don’t care!   I’ve been spending a lot of time going back home to Iowa lately, which has been draining on my checkbook but delightful on my tastebuds.  I just LOVE going to my favorite restaurants and eateries back “home” and never turn down an opportunity to take a walk down memory lane with the “comfort food” I have there.  On these road trips to and from home, I’ve been taking advantage of stopping along highway 20 at one particular spot and indulging in one of my favorite foods, ice cream!

My FAVORITE place to get soft serve ice cream in the entire world is 4 Queens Dairy Cream, located in good ol’ Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and Evansdale, IA.  In college, my roommate worked there and introduced me to it…since then, my life has not been the same!  The ice cream there is to die for, it is creamy yet not quite custardy soft serve (I know that sounds weird, but believe me it is awesome) and they have tons of options!  Their versions of “blizzards” are called snowstorms and they have over 30 flavors, I swear!  It is pretty decently priced too and no more expensive than DQ.


I always get the nutter butter snowstorm with chocolate ice cream (pictured).  Chocolate + PB + ice cream….you can’t go wrong.


4 Queen is also Abhay approved, so you know its good.  If you are ever traveling through the Cedar Valley, check out 4 Queens…chances are you will probably see me there stuffing my face. :)
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Disclaimer:  We paid for our ice cream ourselves and I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own!

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