Restaurant Review: Jethro’s BBQ

Oh hey! Happy Tuesday and let’s give a big welcome to the warm weather that’s hopefully here to stay!  I am praising mother nature this week after driving home to Iowa friday night and seeing this….


Ummm yeah.  That’s just the beautiful magnolia tree blooming in my parents yard with snow all around, no biggie.  Central Iowa has been getting some CRAZY weather this year.

Moving on, here.  When I was back in God’s country this weekend, I was able to get together with some of my college roommates in Des Moines for a birthday celebration!  Our old roommate Sarah had us all down for dinner, drinks, and shennanigans.  I was SUPER excited because she chose Jethro’s BBQ for the restaurant…AND I’VE BEEN WANTING TO EAT THERE FOREVERRRRRRRRR.

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Jethro’s has gotten a lot of attention because it has incredible food and catering, but it has also been featured in the media for their Adam Emmenecker Challenge.  In this challenge, one has 15 minutes to eat a sandwich composed of a spicy pickle, tenderloin, buffalo chicken tenders, fried cheese cubes, texas brisket, bacon, cheese burger, and a bun.  AND a pound of waffle fries.


Photo Source/Credit: Jethro’s Website

Think you could handle it?  Only about 10 people have completed it out of hundreds who’ve tried (including 1 woman, who did it in a record time of 7 MINUTES).  Adam Richmond from Man vs. Food even failed it!  So crazy!!

Although we weren’t there to complete the challenge, we were still definitely in the mood for some good BBQ—and were not disappointed!  Here’s how it went:

First things first. Drinks.

You see the size of those drinks in those adorable huge mason jars?  7 bucks.  A total steal, in my opinion!  Most drinks here in Madtown are $7 and about half that size…



I ordered the Watermelon Tea.  DELICIOUS.


Next, the big show: BARBEQUE!  I ordered the brisket sandwich with waffle fries.  It was huge!  I could only eat half of the sandwich and about one third of the fries.  It was so delicious you guys. Like, rivaling HICKORY PARK delicious.  All you Iowans…you KNOW it must be good then.


All of their sandwiches, ribs, dinners, etc. come without BBQ sauce, but they have about six BBQ sauces for you to chose from at your table.  I chose the wimpy spiced/normal BBQ sauce and was pleased!


You can order other sides as well for no extra charge and they have a lot of options!  Sarah ordered the mac and cheese for her side and bless her heart, she knew my obsession with the food and let me have a taste.


Also amazing.  I never want to know how many calories was in that one bite, however.

Another popular item at our table was the pulled chicken sandwich (which was also huge)…I heard nothing but good things about it!


Lastly: Dessert. 

Sorry friends, there will be no posts about dessert because we were that full from eating our meals!  I HIGHLY recommend Jethro’s if you are in the Des Moines area and looking for good barbeque.  You get so much GOOD food for what you pay for and it is a pretty good deal.  You can also practice mindful eating and have yummy leftovers for lunch the next day!

But seriously, eat at Jethro’s!   And then run 8 miles the next day to burn it all off (or at least that’s what I did)!

I’ll leave you with a couple pics of my AMAZING friends that I hardly ever see. :)



DISCLAIMER:  We paid for this meal on our own and I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own!

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  1. Rachel

    HEY! I recognize these people :) all of them but one! So cute. Sounds delicious, and looks like you had a great time!

    Hopefully you saw my comment just to make up a number on the BlogLovin’ thing because you were already following! Good luck!


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