Checking off the biggest 24 in 24 item and a restaurant review to celebrate (DLUX)!

HI!  Did you miss me? I missed you all.  I’ve been studying….and studying…and sometimes going to yoga…annnd sometimes making puppy chow..and then more studying. BUT.  It paid off. Because I passed my last prelim exam for my PhD program yesterday and am officially a dissertator! It is a huge load off of my shoulders and I am so relieved!  This was the biggest thing I wanted to accomplish while I was 24 and was on my 24 in 24 list (I only have 2 weeks left to attempt the rest, YIKES!).  Little did my advisor know that this silly, yet big reason, was why I wanted to schedule my last exam so soon after my first one.  I’m just glad it’s OVER!

Also, because I’m weird I thought I would post a pic of my outfit I wore for two reasons 1) All of my winter dress pants were too big which makes me happy and 2) I am obsessed with this dress…it was my first purchase from anthropologie!!!  And of course, it was on sale. :)


Please excuse my semi out of control hair.

Anyways.  To celebrate, my roomie and I went out to dinner at a newer restaurant in Madtown, DLUX.  It is located downtown and is super cute!  It is very modern looking on the inside and their menu is pretty simple.  Let me explain.

We made it in time for happy hour specials, so most of their specialty drinks were $5.  My favorite drink is the double punch and Em ordered the cherry bounce collins.  Both are excellent, but I’d have to say that the double punch if probably my favorite mixed drink in Madison!  It tastes like a pina colada without as much coconut, if that makes any sense.


DLUX also has house made sodas, which is really unique!  I tried the house made grapefruit lime and added vodka (go big or go home when celebrating, right?) and it was delicious!


Next, we tried their spinach and artichoke dip.  I loved that it came with both veggies and baguettes to dip!  Also excellent and also only $5!


As for the rest of the menu, their main food options are about 10 burger options and 5 sandwich options.  That’s it.  All burgers are $8.  Pretty simple and nicely priced.  You can get sides for an additional charge (we ordered chips and sweet potato fries), but they aren’t that expensive.

I ordered the Farmhouse Burger, which came with bacon, Monterrey jack cheese, and a fried green tomato!!! I had never had one before and it was great.  They also serve it with a side of tomato jam, which is commonly served with fried green tomato dishes in the south.


It was delicious and my mouth is now watering as I think about every bite I took out of that glorious thing.


Em ordered the Backyard BBQ and had excellent things to say about it as well!  We also ordered sweet potato fries (not pictures) and they were served with this savory siaracha mayo sauce.  So good.


Obviously, after reading all that I think you get the picture that I LOVED this restaurant.  It didn’t break my tiny grad school budget, yet we was able to get a delicious meal and drinks!  I can see how their menu might seem limited, but if you are looking for a good burger in Madtown in a fun atmosphere, I would recommend DLUX!

I also checked out DLUX on urbanspoon and it looks like other people agreed it was pretty good too. :)

Dlux on Urbanspoon

HAPPY FRIDAY! Get ready for some recipe love next week!

Disclaimer:    I paid for these meals on my own and was not compensated for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!

4 thoughts on “Checking off the biggest 24 in 24 item and a restaurant review to celebrate (DLUX)!

  1. katielookingforward

    Way to go on passing!! I just ate lunch and am full, but that burger still looked amazing! I love the anthro dress, I also shop their discount racks (otherwise I get overwhelmed by the prices!) Keep up the good work, and happy early birthday!

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