Restaurant Review: Centro

Hi!!  Are you all sick of hearing about Iowa yet?  I hope not, because I have one last Iowa-lovin’ post before I get back to fun foodie things on here :)

While traveling the state last week, I had the chance to grab a quick dinner in Des Moines with one of my good friends from college, Abhay!


I was super excited when he wanted to eat at Centro, right at the heart of downtown.  I’d never been there, but  like the restaurant Latin King, I had heard of tons of people going there for years and loving it!


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In my opinion, the atmosphere in Centro is a mix between totally chill and trendy, whatever that means?!  Their menu has many different choices, from pizzas, to pasta, to full entree dinners of steak, seafood, etc.

We started off with martinis,(it was happy hour, score!) and they were strong but delicious…


Abhay ordered the pan-seared tofu gnocchi.  It looked delicious and there was a ton of tofu and veggies in it!  I’m not a big tofu fan (the texture weirds me out), but I tried it and loved that it had some spiciness!  I think he liked it as well, as it was all gone by the time we were done. :)


I really hadn’t eaten anything all day, as I had been busy running around so I was definitely craving some carbs! After debating on whether to go the pasta or pizza route, I ended up ordered the chicken and prosciutto pasta.


It was delicious!  I could only eat about half of it, the portions were so big!  Which leads me to another point…the pasta dishes were fairly pricey at Centro, but both dishes we ordered were big enough for two meals, which in my mind is ok. :) I boxed mine up to take home and we passed on dessert (although the menu was quite enticing…).

In the end, similar to Latin King, I would absolutely recommend Centro for a special occasion or a night out!  It was a little more expensive than other restaurants in the area, but the food was excellent and the portions were generous!  I would go back in a heartbeat, especially because I want to try their pizza!

As always, it was good catching up and sharing many laughs with an old friend …and it never hurts when the food is fabulous as well.  With that, I’m off to a cake decorating workshop tonight! (insert nerdy happy dance here) I love having time in the summer for hobbies!  Have a good night all!

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