Tursi’s Latin King: Restaurant review with a side of weddingness!


Can I just say that I love my house, my family, my friends, my best friend’s wedding, and this whole week in general?  Cause I do.  Ohhhh I do.

This past weekend was Mere’s bachelorette party and bridal shower.  I had such a great time with all of those lovely ladies in the photo above and cannot wait til next weekend!  Saturday night started off great with dinner at Tursi’s Latin King in Des Moines.

I was so excited this is where we went for dinner because I have wanted to eat here FOREVER.  It’s gotten rave reviews and I’ve heard of so many people going there to celebrate special occasions and never having a bad meal!  Latin King is actually an Italian restaurant, so don’t be fooled by the name!

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After several recommendations, I had to try the Chicken Spiedini…supposedly the most famous dish on the menu.  It is sliced chicken, lightly breaded and looks skewered (but it’s not), served with veggies and a small side of pasta.  You can order it with alfredo or amogio, a garlic and olive oil sauce.  I chose amogio and ohhh emm geee, it was some delicious chicken!  It was out of the box for me to order this rather than a typical pasta dish, but I am glad I did because it was very tender and had the best flavor (who can go wrong with garlic, i mean really?).


Mere’s sister decided upon the gnocchi…


While a few others in our group ordered the manicotti…look at all that cheese!  Yumm.


All of the dishes came with a salad.  I splurged and ordered the house creamy parmesan dressing.  Also deelishhhhhh!


And lastly, some splurged for dessert.  The raspberry and chocolate frozen yogurt came highly recommended…

raspberry dessert

And what’s Italian dining without a little cannoli action?


I swiped a bite of both…and oh my, they were good.  Beautiful is how I would actually explain how delicious they were.

In the end, I think everyone in the group was very impressed with Latin King.  A lot of the pasta dishes were HUGE, which was good because it was a little on the expensive side.  The food was excellent, from beginning to end and they had a large wine selection, which we took full advantage of. :)  I’d recommend Latin King to anyone, and although it is a little pricey, I told my family we are eating here next time we have something to celebrate!

Now that the business for today’s post is taken care of, let’s have some fun pics, eh? After dinner, we all went to a comedy show at the Funny Bone….All you central Iowans…I highly recommend this too!  We saw Jeff Dye, he was hilarious AND a looker, what more could you want?   There were many hilarious pics and activities throughout  the evening, but I think I’ll leave you with my favorite on our way back…


Once again, I love Iowa.

On Sunday, there was a bridal shower for Mere at the John Ernst Winery.  Her aunt made lemon-blueberry cupcakes with a blueberry/blackberry cream cheese frosting.  Coming from a chocoholic who never chooses fruity cupcakes… THESE WERE THE BOMB!  Worthy of all caps, they were that tasty,.  :)


I also won an awesome measure cup/measurement converter from bridal bingo!


These were in the garden outside the winery’s main building…I thought they were so cute, possibly DIY?


With the bride to be!  Only a few more days!


And that’s it for tonight.  Have a good night!

Disclaimer:  I paid for this meal entirely on my own and received no compensation for this review.  All thoughts expressed are my own!

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  1. Meredith

    Hahaha definitely not the most attractive picture of me…but I was slightly creeped out by those things. Thanks for a great weekend! See you soon!

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