Sunday Newbies…

Ahhh, only a few more hours of the weekend.  Who else isn’t ready to go back to work?  I actually spent most of my weekend at work, but it feels so good to be getting a lot done for my research!  Luckily, today i had time to relax (aka watch the Harry Potter movie marathon), go for a long run in this beautiful weather, and test out a couple new food items!


First up…baklava.  My foodie pen pal, Julie, sent me this as part of my February box.  I was so excited to try it, because I actually have never had it.  She told me it was from a local bakery and was awesome, so I gave in today.  It was fabulous!  Perfect amount of nutty and sweet tastes.   More on foodie pen pals later!


Next up, lasagna roll ups!  I’ve been trying to perfect this recipe for a couple weeks now.  Last week, I made it with spinach and ricotta…very easy, but definitely missing something.  Last night, I attempted it again with leftover hamburger, ricotta, and garlic…the garlic was awesome addition!  I’d like to try it again with spinach, garlic, and maybe some other veggies before I post about a favorite.  But this recipe is super easy for any combo…great for week night meals!

IMG_1366 IMG_1367

Lastly, the biggest foodie experiment I was looking forward to…the green monster smoothie!  I’ve been seeing these pop up on several blogs after i first read about it on Iowa Girl Eats.  I was a little skeptical…bananas, pb, and spinach?  But I tried it, because I seriously need to find a way to be eating more fruits and veggies.  The verdict?


Interesting.  I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it.  I didn’t have any vanilla flavored greek yogurt, so I used plain and I think that may have left it missing some flavor.  I also needed to freeze it for awhile after blending because I like my smoothies thicker (I am a huge texture person when it comes to food!).  I think I’m going to try some different combos to find the best one.  But i will say, it was a lot easier to eat four cups of spinach in this smoothie than straight up.

Enjoy the rest of your night!  Khloe and Lamar are back!  Don’t you love how I work my guilty pleasure tv shows into as many posts as I can? 

3 thoughts on “Sunday Newbies…

  1. Meredith

    I agree with the green monster, not sure if it’s good or not. I also had to use plain yogurt–so pretty sure the vanilla will make a big enough difference to lean me more towards the liking :) I also will add ice with mine next time to add to the texture!


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