Emily and Emily take Denver…part two!

My 2nd day in Denver was sadly my last :(  After sleeping in and recounting the awesomeness of the concert we witnessed the night before, I decided I couldn’t run around the fact that my bags needed to be packed to leave later in the day.  It wasn’t as bitter packing though, because we had a few more excursions to conquer before I left!

Our brunch destination was the award-winning Watercourse Foods.  A restaurant specializing in “vegetarian comfort food”, and also carrying several vegan and gluten-free dishes. They also have a bakery that includes vegan and gluten free treats.

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I’ll be completely honest.  If Em had told me that Watercourse was a vegetarian restaurant ahead of time, I probably would have been a little skeptical.  I’m all for a healthy diet, but I’ll admit– I am a meat and potatoes girl all the way.  BUT, I didn’t know this going in and had no problem finding a dish that I wanted to try…I didn’t realize that this restaurant only had vegetarian dishes until our waitress told us after our meal.  Talk about opening my mind-parachute!


Em ordered the market entree of smoked tofu with arugula in a sweet potato puree.


I got one of their breakfast scrambles…3 cage free eggs with spinach, onion, sun-dried tomato and brie cheese with a side of breakfast potatoes, whole-wheat toast, and homemade ketchup!  I was impressed that the toast didn’t automatically come buttered—a great option for those trying to save a few calories!


Our experience at Watercourse was a continuation of the dining excellence available to those in the Denver area.  I think this reasonably priced establishment is a blessing for those who choose a vegetarian diet or have special dietary needs…there are so many opportunities for these types of restaurants everywhere!

Our last stop of our visit was “d Bar Desserts”, a restaurant specializing in desserts and stressing the importance of community coming together to bond over food.  We completely agreed with this and proceeded to look for a sweet treat to celebrate the end of a great couple days.
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Still a little full from our brunch, we decided we should split one of their desserts.  Although it was a tough choice, we ended up having the “cake and shake”—the most popular item on the menu.  The picture doesn’t do it justice- the thick slice of chocolate cake was moist and the chocolate flavor rich, while the chocolate shake was a perfect “slurp” to wash down each decadent bite.


Stuffing our faces one last time!


We attempted to eat as slow as possible to put off traveling to the airport, but eventually demolished our scrumptious “last hurrah”.  No exaggerations here, but it was the BEST dessert I have ever eaten, and I couldn’t have imagined sharing it with a better friend.  Maybe d bar had it right all along…when we eat, it isn’t just the actual act of eating, but a memory of the community—or an Emily—you share your dining experience with.


After a couple great days of exploring, laughing continuously, and talking about anything and everything, it was time for me to depart back to reality.  When I look back on my time in the Denver area, I was impressed by so many things.  The most being the FOOD, of course.  I couldn’t believe how many delicious meals we enjoyed for such reasonable prices.  The city layout was also appealing, seeming much more “homey” than one would imagine.  And needless to say, the mountain skyline just off in the distance was a view that is pretty easy to get used to.

At the airport, it was so hard to hug Em good-bye and I pretty much had to run into the terminal to force myself to leave!  Ok, a little exaggeration there.  But you get the picture.  As I sat in the terminal waiting for my flight, I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was that our paths had crossed the way they did a year ago.  My sadness quickly subsided because as much as I didn’t want to leave, I couldn’t (and still can’t) wait for what adventures lie in our friendship next.

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