(Emily x 2) take Boulder and Red Rocks…


My second big adventure with “Other Em” was a day trip to Boulder for some hiking, eating, and shopping.  We decided to pursue an easy hike (this midwestern girl is out of shape!) through the flat-irons, just a few blocks from the University of Colorado-Boulder campus.  The weather was a gorgeous 75 degrees…perfect for some girl-talk and hiking.  Exercise is so much more fun with beautiful views and chatter!

As you can imagine, our 2 hour mini-hike built up some major hunger.  Bah, who am I kidding??  We just love food!  We then proceeded into Boulder to hit up the Pearl St. district for some grub.  After menu shopping for a few blocks, our stomach grumbling growing louder, we happened to find an interesting spot.  “Next door” is the sister restaurant to “The Kitchen” in Boulder.  For you Madisonians, it reminds me of the restaurant,  Graze as compared to its sister, Le’Etolie.   The menu looked unique and also listed that many of the ingredients were grown by local farmers and organic. Winning!

The Kitchen [Next Door]


The Kitchen [Next Door] on Urbanspoon

We started off the meal with a couple of local brews, an IPA for Em and an apricot flavored beer for myself.  We then ordered the spiced chickpeas and hummus appetizer.  It came with a couple of pieces of warm bread and we wasted no time digging in.


When it came to our actual lunch choice, I decided upon the pulled pork sandwich with field greens and horseradish mayo, along with garlic mashers (fingerling potatoes with parmesan and garlic!).  Both were to die for!  I would even venture as far to say that this was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had– and I’m from Iowa where pork reigns!.  The meat was incredibly tender and flavorful, and the field greens/mayo added a nice flavor balance.


Em went for the roasted lamb sandwich with mint sauce and roasted beets.  Keep scrolling to see how she felt about her meal….


One of my favorite pictures of all time.  “This is the best lamb sandwich I’ve ever eaten!”


After wondering if our dining experience could get any better, it did.  Introducing our dessert…


A homemade ice cream sandwich. Two freshly baked chocolate chip cookies sandwiching vegan vanilla bean ice cream. The perfect ending to what was a memorable meal.

When we finished with this culinary escapade, we were stuffed!  We split the bill and ended up paying roughly $20 each, which I thought was a great price for the amount of food and beer we had!  The service was excellent here, also, as our waitress was more than willing to give us beer samples and answer any questions we had.  With our hunger satisfied, we decided to do a little shopping down Pearl Street in Boulder where I managed to clean out the Patagonia sale rack (whoops!).  Worth it.

We couldn’t linger long though, because we had a date that night…with Death Cab for Cutie and the Red Rocks Amphitheater!  One of my old college roomates, Amy, and her boyfriend also joined us for the concert.  Red Rocks absolutely lives up to the hype.  I’ve been to outdoor concerts before, but an outdoor concert in this venue was like nothing I had ever seen!  The beautiful scenery while the sun was setting was quite picturesque, and with Death Cab playing the background, I really started to wonder if this is what heaven must feel like.


Death Cab for Cutie!  If you haven’t listened to them, check ‘em out!


The concert lasted for about 3 hours, with Death Cab playing a 45 minute encore.  We then packed up our picnic dinner (another great thing about Red Rocks–they let you bring in snacks!) and headed back to Denver in anticipation of sleepy time, as well as our upcoming last day of fun.   Stay tuned for our last couple of food-indulging adventures in Denver!

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  1. Your Mother

    Good post! Speaking of pulled pork, check out the front page of today’s DSM Register regarding the stolen piggies! Hope you have an alibi… We’ve seen pics of you with cute little piglets in the past!

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