My Go-To Road Trip Snack Lately: Blue-Diamond Almonds

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.  I received a free jar of almonds in exchange for a post, but no other compensation.

photo 2

It’s no secret that I am on the road…a lot.  It’s just always been that way.  The past few weekends have been no exception as I’ve been traveling back to Iowa.

So with all this time in the car, ya know I’m going to get hungry.  I also get super bored with all the driving, so having snacks to eat is essential!  I’ve tried to do a better job over the past couple  years with keeping decent snacks in the car to prevent binging on sugar or emergency fast-food stops.   One of the secret snack weapons I like to keep in the car is almonds!  I LOVE the Honey Vanilla Almonds by Blue Diamond, so when they offered me the chance to try the Honey Cinnamon, I had to jump at the chance!

photo 3

The thing I love the most about almonds is that a small amount is enough to keep me full, so while they aren’t the lowest calorie snack, a little bit goes a long way and they are so filling! They are also easy to transport and consume without distracting me!  The honey cinnamon almonds were delicious, but I still think that the honey vanilla are my favorite.   I also tried the honey-dijon and am looking forward to using them in a homemade chex mix recipe this weekend!

Looking ahead, I am pumped to say that I don’t have any big road trips in the near future…buuuuut I’m pretty sure I will still be consuming those almonds like it’s my job. :)

Tell me: What are your favorite road trip snacks?

Thinking Out Loud: Buying Your First Road Bike is Ridiculously Overwhelming

I’m in a love hate relationship with this week.

Monday I said goodbye to my family who came to visit for Easter…it was so great to see them and not have to drive to Iowa!  I also had Monday off from work! I LOVED having a weekday off to get stuff done.  Grading, quiz writing, lecture planning…I felt like I was much more prepared to tackle my professional life this week with that extra day.

So can we lobby for this to happen every week? Yes? K.

My badgers lost and I got last in every, single, freaking march madness pool I participated in. Tuesday morning wasn’t a pretty sight.

Anyway. Now to the point of this rambling!

I am a newbie triathlete.  I ran my first triathlon (with no training, bad move…but classic Emily) last summer and LOVED IT.  I bought a wetsuit to help with the swim, which is my favorite event.  I always have running shoes, so that wasn’t a big investment either.

But I wanted to make sure I enjoyed doing triathlons before I invested in a decent roadbike.  I rode that first triathlon with my hybrid bike, which is actually too small for me.  I HATED THE ENTIRE BIKE EVENT.

After loving the triathlon as a whole, I decided that it was time to invest in a road bike…and a decent one at that, because I have some big goals coming up in the next two years triathlon-wise and I don’t want to have to buy more than one bike.

So for most organized people, the smart thing would have been to visit bike shops in late fall/early winter of last year and look for older models on clearance.  To ride different bikes to get a feel for which brand suits you best.

Well, life happened to me, and here I am in April just now trying to make a decision.  Where the time went, is beyond me, but there’s nothing we can do about that now. I started seriously looking for road bikes a couple months ago.  I googled FOREVER, asked my bff who is training for her 2nd ironman, asked my other fellow MN Tri Guru Katie,  and got some advice through some facebook groups and my multisport groups.  While everyone who has given me advice has been incredibly nice and helpful…THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS AND I AM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION.

Before I fall asleep at night these are the questions running through my head:

All aluminum body & carbon fork   OR  all carbon body?

Shimano 105 or Shimano Tiagra?  Am i willing to pay for upgrades?  DO I EVEN NEED THOSE UPGRADES?

Different sizing among different bikes– Oh, you’re a 55 cm frame on this bike…and a M/L frame on this other brand. WHY IS IT ALL DIFFERENT.

The biggest piece of advice I have been given is to make sure and test ride the bikes so that they “feel right”.  This Minnesota whether has not been conducive to test-riding bikes, but I have been bundling up and trying them out.  It’s hard as a newbie who has never had a roadbike to know what “feels right”.

So here’s what I’ve been doing to narrow down my choices…

I ask a ton of questions– to both the person selling me the bike AND to my triathlon gurus AND to my facebook groups.  As a newbie, customer service is HUGE because I’m going to be asking a lot of questions…the more time a shop is willing to spend with me to get me the right fit, the more likely I am to choose that bike even if i am a little unsure about what “feels right”.  I have learned that different shops with different brands of bikes are going to size you a little different and it’s ok to be honest about what you’ve found out at other shops.    But I also still ask a ton of questions to my experienced friends because I know that a) there were in my shoes once and b) they have my best interest in mind.

I look at what other people my height/build are riding.  This is a huge perk of being a member of facebook groups and multisport groups!  I have benefitted from being a part of the Women For Tri facebook group and it is basically like my triathlon bible.

I go with my gut.  Something of concern to me is safety on the bike…because I am new to biking, I worry about crashing/colliding.  While an all-carbon bike might be lighter and faster, an aluminum frame bike is more durable.  I’ve been leaning towards aluminum frame bikes (but with a carbon fork) because they will be more durable…and they are cheaper. :)

I have narrowed down to 4-5 choices and am hoping to pick a bike within the next weekend so I can get to trainin’ on that sucka’!  I JUST WANNA RIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


I’m scared to ask but….do YOU have any advice on buying a road bike?

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8 Reasons To Cheer For the Wisconsin Badgers in the National Championship

Happy Monday.

More like, Happy National Championship Monday!  If you’re new to the blog (welcome!), allow me to explain…and if you’ve been reading for a couple years, please don’t roll your eyes because you know what’s coming.

It is no secret that I love the state of Wisconsin, the city of Madison, the Green Bay Packers, and the Wisconsin Badgers.  I received my Ph.D. in Nutrition from there last year (so yes, I did go there for those of sports fans you who get antsy about those things).

Camp Randall

So to say I am elated that the Badgers are playing for the NCAA National Title tonight is an understatement.  I was once Sam Dekker’s TA (he should know his nutrition!) and I am just an overall sports nut.  I have loved (and hated) watching this team play this year.  I love how fun the personalities are of the players.  And I love how they have been able to make big plays in tough situations to win games over and over.

But for fun, in case you don’t bleed red and white, I tried to put together some reasons that might sway your heart to cheer on Bucky tonight.  Enjoy!

8 Reasons To Cheer on The Badgers Against Duke Tonight:

1. Nigel Hayes has probably made you laugh at least once in the last 2 weeks.

2. Because Kentucky is now 38-1.

Image Source: (SI)

3.Because this throwback is a) genius and b) now stuck in your heads for days.

4. Because Jump Around is the greatest college sporting traditions.

Yes I still get goosebumps when I heard that song, no matter where I am.

5. Because the last time Wisconsin won a national championship….was in 1941. IT’S TIME.

6. Because we all love an underdog.
Wisconsin barely squeezed in to the tourney as a #1 seed. Heck, I was even questioning their #1 seed! I have read many articles written by sports analysts over the past few weeks and it was clear that many believed they were the underdog in the last two games.  Anyone going up against Kentucky was an underdog this season and the badgers were the only team to beat them.  Same applies to tonight.  Duke is a nationally recognized powerhouse and they have been playing SO well lately.  I love an underdog story, don’t you?

7. Because Bo Knows
NCAA Basketball Tournament - Third Round - Tucson

Image Source: (SBNATION).  I’ve always appreciated how Bo develops players rather than going after a lot of the nationally recognized big star recruits.  Seems to work out well for him!

8. Because Wisconsin is the home of great cheese and spotted cow. End of story.

Spotted Cow

Win or lose, still proud to be a badger.  On Wisconsin!

Did You Know Friday– Egg Yolks are More Than Just Protein & Fat

Happy Good Friday!  I’m blogging from my bed this morning and it is fabulous.  After a whirlwind week in Boston for the Experimental Biology Conference (nerd fest) and teaching a few days, I was more than ready for another break.  Hard to believe we only have a month left in the semester.

Alas, it is also the first Friday of April, so that means it’s Did You Know Friday! didyouknownutritionlinkupbutton.jpg

Remember how this works?  First friday of the month, Sinful Nutrition, Semi Health Nut, and I bring you a short but sweet nutrition/fitness blogpost…and we want to hear about what you’ve been writing about too!  Make sure to check out some of the other posts and linkup with us!

Soooo lets get to it. If you’ve turned on any news channel or read any popular health/fitness magazine in the past couple years, I’m sure you’ve seen a controversial article regarding egg yolks that argues both for and against consuming them.

Egg yolks are full of cholesterol, don’t eat them! Egg yolks are full of saturated fat, only eat the whites! 


You need the fat in egg yolks, eat them!  Egg yolks are high in protein, eat them!

It’s confusing.  But today’s post is not regarding that.   I want you guys to know that yes, egg yolks are a good source of protein, fat, and cholesterol…but there are also some vitamins and minerals that egg yolks, not egg whites provide.

Vitamins and Minerals Found in Egg Yolks (from USDA Nutrient Database):

Calcium.   I tend to be a bad nutritionist and focus on obtaining calcium from dairy products in my own diet.   Egg yolks, however, also contain calcium!  Much more calcium than egg whites.

Iron.  Again, like calcium, we tend to associate iron with meat, beans, and nuts.  While meat products have a much higher concentration

Vitamin B-12.  We typically associate vitamins with fruits and vegetables, but vitamin B-12 is special because it’s predominantly found in animal products!  Egg yolks definitely contain a small amount of B-12.

Fat Soluble Vitamins.  These are vitamins A,D,E,K.  Vitamin D & A are probably the most important.  We need vitamin A for our eyesight (especially at night) and reproductive health.  We need vitamin D for strong bones and brain health.  If you cook a whole egg, practically all of your fat soluble vitamins come from the egg yolk…there is zero Vitamin A,D,or E available in egg whites!

So when you’re at your family’s Easter brunch this weekend, you can wow them with your nutrition knowledge about your grandma’s egg casserole…they’ll think you’re so smart. :)

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend, hug your parents and link up with us below!

Thinking Out Loud: A blogpost in 13 minutes.

It’s late, for me. (….10:47 pm….)

Well, compared to my normal bedtime these days, it’s early. I’m laying here in bed and I have 13 minutes before I am forcing lights  out.  So I might as well write, right?  I don’t even know where to start!

First of all. Remember that post I tried to give some funny advice on picking your NCAA bracket? …yeah don’t follow it, I’m in the bottom 3 in all my brackets.  (WHOOPS).  But my Badgers are still hanging in there!  They play tonight and need all the love they can get!

Another professor went on maternity leave and I am covering her class and labs. To say these first couple days have been insane is an understatement.  I clear my desk, only to have papers/tests/quizzes pile up the next minute.  While this is going to look awesome on my file to say I took this on in my 1st year as a professor, I will now say it’s going to be a miracle if I make it through the next month without any gray hair or having an anxiety attack.

In addition to my work life taking over my life, coaching frisbee + trying to find a new place to live + trying to buy a road bike when I have no idea what I’m doing has been challenging.   For the record, I LOVE COACHING FRISBEE! It is the best 1.5 hours of my day…but it’s 1.5 hours of my day that I’m not working out and not catching up on life things.  I tell myself it’s all about choices, so I have no right to complain.  But is it too much to ask for more hours in a day?

Did anyone see the GIRLS season finale? It was my favorite of any of the season finales!  I was totally in love with this season…and not just because Hannah went to Iowa.  I loved seeing all four of them grow up and mature more so this season than any before.  Shosh is by far my fave.  Thoughts?

Um.  Greek Yogurt Alfredo Spaghetti Squash Bowls.  CAN WE SAY AMAZE? My friend Beth led me to the recipe and I altered it to fit my needs…recipe coming soon! (so like in 2 months).

A photo posted by Emily (@emhi10s) on

The best surprise of this semester is how much fun I’ve had teaching a nutrition class to non-majors.  Most of them are seniors, so the motivation can be lacking some days, but most days they have so many great questions! It’s a much more laid back atmosphere than teaching intro nutrition classes to nutrition majors where we have a very strict and robust curriculum to get through.  Although it’s been a lot of work, I’ve had fun with them this semester.  I’m still on the no-repeat outfit challenge and my sneaky office snapchat selfie game is as strong as eva.


The fact that I actually did laundry and my dishes today is a miracle.  So I’m celebrating that…it’s the little things right?

I went on a date with a guy a couple weeks ago (yes, a real date with a real guy…WHAT UP 27).  But that’s not the real story here.  He asked me if I wanted kids.  Without thinking I said yes.. Followed by (still without thinking) “actually i have no idea. I thought I did, but now I don’t know”…he was confused, but I was crystal clear…..and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this convo.     I have been so focused on grad school/starting my career that thinking about finding someone + starting a family has been in the background.  Over the past few years I didn’t realize how much I had changed until that date with that guy when I got asked 1023 life questions and was surprised at more of my answers than just the kids one. :)  It was wierd, but a good wierd.

Still wanting to recap the Nashville trip I took with the sis a few weeks ago.



I’m going to Boston, tomorrow!  RANDOM I KNOW.

Any advice on what to do and what to eat?


Ok so that blogpost took 21 minutes. Whoops! Tell me something about your life!

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My advice for filling out your NCAA March Madness Bracket (and possibly win your pool)

My favorite time of the year (more like 3rd favorite if I’m being honest) is upon us.  MARCH MADNESS.  The NCAA Basketball Tourney picks 64 teams to compete for the national title, ranks them, and then they duke it out.   It has become a sport in itself for basketball fans to fill out their “bracket” and guess which teams will advance.   The good news is that the games start this morning at 11 am (Thursday March 19), so you still have time to get your picks in and join that office pool!

Being the deathly competitive person I am, I live for this time of year!  I also really like basketball and rooting for the underdog.   Out of the 20 pools I have been involved in during my lifetime, I can say I have only won 2 of them, which is a terrible record haha…but I have a good time doing it!   I should also note that I have seen people win March Madness Pools with absolutely NO interest in basketball…it’s a crapshoot!

So for those of you who may avoid your office pool in fear of embarrassment you’re in luck, I’ll give you my…interesting….guide to how I fill out my bracket.  You’ll see that there is no method to the madness and that bracketology is for everyone!


Rules I live by when filling out my bracket every year:

1. Do I like the school  playing?  There are only 2 schools that fit this: Wisconsin and Iowa State. So they typically at least win one game in my bracket every year.  This year, I have them both going…far.  I typically follow logic, but this year having both my teams do so well I had to go with the heart. We’ll see how badly I lose.

2. Are there any other schools from my home state (IOWAAAA)?  This year there are.  Iowa (the hawkeyes)– I guess for the sake of unity in the state of Iowa, I’ll root for them to win one game, but that’s about it (I’m not a hawkeye fan if you can tell).  The University of Northern Iowa Panthers are also in this year– I’ll pull for ‘em!

3. Do I like the area where the school is?  Meaning, is it near a beach or the Pacific Northwest?…. I’ll probably pick that team.

4. Does my dad like their coach?  My dad has some crazy stories about running basketball camps with some coaches that went on to do badass things (think Bo Ryan, Coach K…yes, my dad has a story about Coach K).  Typically if Jer has said good things about them, I’ll give their team the W.

5. Have we ever been on a plane with the coach’s family?  One time Bill Self (Kansas) and his family were on our flight home from spring break.  My dad was in heaven.  I’ve rooted for them (as long as they weren’t playing Iowa State) ever since, but they have a habit of choking, FYI.

6.  Random Posts on about upsets in the tournament.  I’ll usually pick 1 or 2 of these

7.  Is anyone on their team cute? Pick  that one.

8. Is it a game with 5  seed vs. 12 seed or 7 seed vs. 10 seed? Pick the 12 or the 10 seed to pull off an upset, but not both of them, in each region –> I have tried to abide by this rule since high school and when I do, I swear I have ended up in the top 5 of every NCAA pool I’ve done it in.

9. Is their coach good looking?  Pick them.  Ummm, and can we also say HOW GOOD LOOKING IS THE MAYOR?!


10.  For the final four/national championship/national champion.  Did Obama pick them?  Don’t pick them.  He hasn’t guessed a national champion correct since 2009** However, see 2015 guidelines below.

Other Guidelines:

When I’m in doubt on a game, go with the Big 10 conference team if they are playing.   There are some matchups with Big 10 Teams that I wouldn’t choose that team, but if I’m stuck, I’ll go with a team from the Big 10 conference.  I may be flushing my bracket down the toilet this year, but although Michigan State and Ohio State are ranked with lower seed in their games,  I still pick ‘em to win for the upset and advance at least 2 wins.

Go with emotion the first two rounds, then go with logic.

It’s honestly a crapshoot.  Remember when Warren Buffet offered  1 billion dollars to one person who picked a perfect bracket last year…and no one won it?

**2015 Special:

I will tell you now that Kentucky is undefeated.  Normally, I would say this would get them far in the tournament but not a championship (as history shows us).  However, I’ve watched some Kentucky bball this winter and they are damn good.  Not a bad overall winner.

And thats it!

So how many of you fill out brackets?  Who are YOUR favorite teams?


The New 2015 Restaurant Labeling Laws (Did You Know? Friday Linkup)

HI FROM IOWA.  I’m on Spring Break this week and am here in Iowa for a hot second as a stopover from a roadtrip to Nashville with my sister. It was her birthday Tuesday (everyone give her a virtual birthday hug!) and we randomly had the same spring break, so we left last Saturday from our parents house and spent a few days in music city!  We had a great time and hopefully I’ll find some time this month to talk about it on the blog.


Regardless, it’s the first Friday of march and you know what that means…DID YOU KNOW FRIDAY!  I have a cool topic this week for you.


This topic was inspired by one of my senior capstone students who chose this for his capstone paper, so I decided to expand on it and do some of my own research and bring it to you on the blog today.

The overview:  By December 2015, all chain restaurants (more than 20 locations) will have to post calorie content on all menus and signs (even for buffets, etc.).


Some restaurants, like Starbucks, already do post their calorie information.  Restaurants will also have to have other nutrient information (think fat, sodium, vitamins, minerals) on hand if a customer requests it.   The restaurant will also need to post a statement somewhere relating how calories fit into their daily life (think Recommended calories, etc.).   Employees will need to be trained on how to talk with guests about the nutrition information.  I pulled all of this directly from the FDA website here.

So implications of this would obviously be that menus will be changing and employees will need to have some short training on the nutrition information to answer questions.   I believe in the nutrition world knowledge is power, so I think holding restaurants accountable for providing as much information as possible is great.

However, there is a big question.

Will this make a difference in what people choose to consume?

Ehhhh, yes and no.  Pay attention closely.  Also please know that there is way more information out there than I could put in a blogpost, so this is just a snapshot. Some studies say calorie labeling on menu and restaurant signs doesn’t reduce calorie consumption, but others do.

Studies in both Philadelphia and New York City within the last 5 years found that calorie labeling did increased consumer/customer awareness of calories at fast food restaurants, but did not change the amount of calories consumed (Elbel et al., 2013 & Elbel et al., 2011).  A recent study, however, found that calorie consumption did decrease slightly in fast food and coffee chains, but it was too small to really make a notable difference (Krieger et al, 2013).  I think it’s important to remember that at most chain restaurants, the majority of the foods have a lot of calories and a lot of fat, so even if we post the calorie information, there may not always be a much better option.

I honestly think the key to helping us make healthier choices when eating out is a) awareness of the calorie content and b) the knowledge to know just how much those calories are worth (Example, do you really know what a 400 calorie dinner looks like?).   This is where I think we may be getting somwhere with the new labeling laws.  A recent study found that calorie labels on menu and signs did make consumers more aware of the calories in foods, helping them to more accurately guess the amount of calories they were consuming.  Before labeling, consumers inaccurately guessed how many calories they were consuming by underestimating, which is bad (thinking they only consume 300 instead of 600, for example).  After labeling, the odds of the consumer of accurately guessing calorie content within 100 calories increased.  Also to note, the more education the consumer had, the better they were at estimating.  (Taksler and Elbel, 2014).

So this leads me to the short and sweet bottom line:   A) There’s going to be more calorie information and nutrition information available at restaurants B) In order to take advantage, it will benefit consumers to have some idea of what “x amount of calories” looks like in order to decide what’s best.

Sources Used:

Taskler and Elbel Study (2014),  Vadiveloo et al., 2011, Elbel et al., 2013, FDA Regulations

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My must-haves at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has been one of the best additions ever to my foodie-life.  Being from a small town in Iowa, I wasn’t exposed until moving to Madison.

And then a monster was born.  Once I tried out some of their stuff, I was hooked.  The prices and variety on my poor-kid grad school budget were absolutely clutch.  The town I live in now doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s, so I have to make sure and stock up whenever I am in the cities, about an hour away.  I typically make it there at least every other week, which has me on a good cycle!  I have about 10 “staples” that I buy each time I’m there, and then buy a few other things based on what I need or plan to make during the week.


My Trader Joe’s Must Haves (literally, must have every visit).

  • Carrots and green beans…they are so cheap, and I love that their beans are washed and trimmed already!
  • White Cheddar Popcorn
  • Pizza Al Pollo Asado…this is one of my favorite things to bring for lunch.  The crust is corn meal and the toppings of chicken, peppers, and beans make it a tasty lunch!
  • Chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Treat yo’self.
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Bark. People, this is what crack in food form looks like.
  • Bananas and apples. Convenience is key, so i try to pick these up while I’m there.
  •  Turkey Burgers.  These are great for when I need a quick dinner.
  •  Edamame Crackers.  I like that these crackers are smaller and have a little different flavor than typical crackers.  They also go great with the hummus!
  • And lastly, my favorite…Hummus!!  If I could only eat one item from TJ’s for the rest of my life, it would be their hummus. Case in point- buying 3 containers. 116

So there you have it, my must-haves every time I’m at Trader Joe’s.  Obviously, My grocery-buying and diet consist of more than this with area grocery stores, but they just don’t compare to TJ’s!

What about you? What are your Trader Joe’s must haves?

This is 27: Eel Pouts and Hipster Blends

I am 15 days into being 27 and so far, I have no complaints.

True to my 2015 resolution, I’m working on a) life balance and b) trying to actually like living in Minnesota.

Some days, I feel like I’m majorly failing at both.  This weekend though, I did not.

Saturday some friends and I ventured up north to for the Eel Pout Festival on Leech Lake.  Think hundreds of ice fishermen, small town MN, and a heated beer tent with a bar made out of ice. There was a polar plunge going on, some other winter activities, and my favorite– Eel Pout Ice Curling!

163 153 So yeah, that’s a frozen eel pout fish in an ice block…and basically, like curling, you push it along the ice to try and hit the target!  It was fun but hard because I kept slipping on the ice (see above).


Despite the 3 degree temps, we were toasty warm in the beer tent (which, we did have to pay $20 to enter) and enjoyed many a miller lite and people watching.  Very, very entertaining.   I’d also like to thank my Northface long johns (clearance from REI Outlet) who were da real MVP allowing me to feel my legs by the end of the day.

Saturday night I caught up on some grading and grey’s anatomy (nothing says 27 by being exhausted by 8 pm and having sincere excitement to sit on your couch and just veg).  Speaking of grey’s…i think its time to be done.   Or bring back McDreamy.  Your thoughts?

Sunday started out with a selfie.  Because although I am 27, I still am shameless and felt the need to document my semi-hipster look I had going on (if only my half combat boots were included in this pic).

167 I was super pumped about this  blogging t-shirt that said “I’m not a player, I just blog a lot” that Abhay got me for my birthday from Raygun.  Raygun is this awesome store that started in Iowa (HOLLA) and has sarcastic tshirts.  They’re brilliant.


I spent the afternoon with a couple of blends (blend = blogging friends), Kim and Amanda.  They are fantastic, it is so nice to have female friends outside of work!  Don’t get me wrong, I love, love my group of friends I’ve made through work…but it’s also nice to have other friends who have similar hobbies (like blogging, running, etc.,) that you can indulge about those activities with! 180

Naturally, being the good bloggers we are we documented our hang with some amazing natural light.  I am so looking forward to hanging out with blends more as I journey on making a life in this state!


Also on my mind this week:

Watching the Oscars now and can I just say A-TO THE-MEN to Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech speaking up for equality for women?

The Bachelor.  OBVI, I’m invested because Chris Soules is a fellow Iowan and lives an hour from where my grandparents lived (so basically, we’re soules mates. Baha.).  I picked Whitney in my Bachelor Bracket League (1. yes there are such things 2. surprisingly, one of my good guy friends is in charge of it) and i am still stickin to it!  Girl just has got it going on…successful, sweet, down to earth.  I also love Kaitlyn and would give anything to be as funny as her.



….what about you? what did you do this weekend?

Read it: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Whenever I get the chance to read anything written by female comedians, I do. I believe they are great role models for women, encouraging self confidence, hard work, and staying true to what you believe in.

I often associate Amy Poehler and Tina Fey together due to their time on SNL, movies, and phenomenal hosting of awards shows.  I read Tina’s memoir Bossy Pants last year and loved it, so I was thrilled to read what Amy had written.  My mom bought the book for the girls in our family to share, and I was the first to devour it over Christmas break.


I loved parts of the book and was a little bored with other parts.  Amy’s outlook on life based on her hard work and experiences are genuine and real.  My favorite quote of the whole book was on a chapter she wrote about having a baby and motherhood…and how different it is for everyone.  Regarding advice, etc., from others she says:

“Good for you, but not for me”.

And i was like, A-TO THE-MEN, Amy Poehler.

It is hard for me at times to accept choices and actions of others that I don’t agree with.  I also find it hard to tolerate others when they don’t accept or understand my choices.  The more independent I’ve become in the past couple years, the more I’ve really had to work on this concept and Amy just hits the nail right on the head.  I posted this quote above my desk and refer to it often.

Amy talks extensively about her rise through the ranks of comedy…at times, I found this a little long, but I was still really impressed by her guts and hard work.  She writes about the highs and the lows, and how they made her stronger.   Her humor is, as expected, brilliant.  Clear, real, and confident.

Read it.  It’s a good one.